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How to operate the small concrete mixer correctly in rainy days?

2021-06-28 05:41:15

The traffic accident rate caused by the aging of the wiper blade of the automatic concrete mixing locomotive is about 5 times higher than usual. It may be a little confused to see this data, but improper use or some other factors will cause certain damage. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the correct use:

The wiper lever of the mainstream concrete mixer is usually located on the right side of the steering wheel, and the function of the wiper can be moved up, down, left and right. Achieve the performance of adjusting the gear and frequency of front and rear wipers. Some models are also equipped with the "automatic sensing" function, which will adjust the speed of the wiper according to the rainfall, so as to completely liberate the right hand of moving the wiper switch of the automatic winch concrete truck (which will deviate from the actual demand rainfall in small cases).

Operate up and down, pull the wiper rod of the mobile automatic winch concrete truck towards the driver, and then spray water on the front wiper. Instead, the rear wiper sprays water and scrapes once.

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