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What is the maintenance method used after the small loader has a problem?

2021-09-24 09:41:09

During the maintenance class, please wear eye protection, safety helmet, gloves, work shoes and other protective tools; Select a solid, flat and less dangerous environment for inspection and maintenance; Warning signs indicating "under repair" shall be hung on the door and control lever; Inspection and maintenance of small loaders in operation shall be avoided as far as possible; If the actual needs, there must be two people responsible for transmitting the signal; Prevention of fire hazard: fire resistant oil shall be used for cleaning parts; Attention must be paid to possible ignition sources.

The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of construction machinery such as loaders and tippers of various specifications. The company has precision machining capacity and high-tech talents. The product quality is stable. If you need to contact us.

Small loader

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