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Know how to adjust and use the lights on the lower loader?

2021-09-28 09:44:11

The height of the light beam of the loader's right light and the left light should be increased by 10 cm. Pay attention not to adjust the light too high, which will dazzle the eyes of the opposite driver. Park the car beside a wall, make the front of the car perpendicular to the wall as far as possible, and keep a distance of 10 meters. First turn on the lights and cover one light with a thick cloth to adjust the headlights on both sides one by one. After the light is turned on, record the projection of the light on the wall with chalk. Both the left and right lights should be kept at an equal distance from the solemn central axis of the dump truck. If the light deviates outward or inward, it must be adjusted according to the tips in the operation manual of the dump truck.

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