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General knowledge of small loader maintenance

2021-10-14 09:18:00

In order to keep the small loader in normal operation and prolong its service life, it is necessary to systematically and carefully inspect, adjust and clean all parts of the loader, so as to create good working conditions for the normal operation of the loader, prevent various faults caused by early wear of the loader and give full play to the working performance of the loader, Therefore, all maintenance work must be done carefully before and during the use of the loader.

Firstly, the running in maintenance of the vehicle shall be carried out according to the requirements in the loader manual. The running in stage of the new vehicle takes about 60 hours. During the running in period, the following points must be achieved:

1. Carefully read the instructions of the loader and pay attention to each note in the instructions;

2. During running in, the running in shall be evenly arranged for forward gear and backward gear. During the running in period, the loading weight shall not exceed 70% of the rated load;

3. Pay attention to the lubrication of the machine and replace or add lubricating oil at the specified time;

4. Always pay attention to the temperature of gearbox, torque converter, front and rear axles, wheel hub and brake drum. If there is overheating, find out the cause and eliminate it;

5. During running in, it is better to load loose materials, and it shall not be carried out too fast;

6. Check the temperature and connection of various components of the electrical system, power supply status of the generator, lighting and other working conditions;

7. Check the fastening of bolts and nuts of all key components of the loader (engine, axle box transformer, rim, transmission shaft, etc.);

Small loader

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