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Are you still confused about the misunderstanding of small loader operation?

2021-09-10 10:03:33

Myth 1:

Just start the small loader and suddenly increase the throttle. Many people are used to stepping on the accelerator as soon as they start the machine to let the machine start and run quickly. But in fact, when the loader is just started, the body temperature is low and the oil fluidity is poor. If you increase the throttle at this time, the engine pressure will increase instantaneously, which will cause damage to the acceleration parts such as piston and crankshaft.

Myth 2:

Add cooling water to the engine regardless of time. The cooling water of the engine is used to cool the engine. Some friends think that adding cooling water when the engine is overheated can effectively cool the engine. In fact, on the contrary, if cooling water is added when the engine is overheated, it will cause cylinder cracking due to uneven cooling and heating of the cylinder block, which will do no good to the engine.

Myth 3:

Slide in the shovel during gear shifting. Many people are used to rushing to the material pile with the inertia of the machine while shifting gears, and then shift into reverse after shoveling the material. Although the action is consistent, it will actually cause great harm to the shovel arm.

These misunderstandings are easily ignored by us at ordinary times, and one of the reasons for machine failure is the small details we often ignore. Only by correct operation can we effectively maintain the long-term use of our machine!

Small loader

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