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Common maintenance methods of small loader

2021-09-13 04:15:51

1. Reduce maintenance difficulty and workload.

2. The whole machine parts have a long service life, improve the economic benefits of the equipment, and maintain the stability of equipment operation.

3. According to the follow-up inspection of the vehicle operation, stop the machine in a planned way, and make a good maintenance and repair plan for the transmission.

4. Avoid the failure of main equipment and the destruction of related spare parts, and make maintenance before the failure, so as to save a lot of maintenance costs.

5. Check the temperature and connection of various parts of the electrical system, the power supply system of the generator set, lighting and other working conditions;

6. Check the fastening condition of screws and nuts of important parts of small loader (diesel engine, axle box transformer, tire steel ring, transmission shaft, etc.)

Small loader

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