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How do small loaders operate?

2021-09-14 03:08:04

During the operation of small loader, the heel is tightly against the cab floor, the foot plate is parallel to the accelerator pedal, and gently press the refueling pedal.

Keep the throttle steady during the operation of the small loader. Under normal operating conditions, the throttle opening should be about 70%.

During the operation of the small loader, the foot plate shall be separated from the brake pedal and placed flat on the cab floor. Never step on the brake pedal. Loaders often work on uneven construction sites. If their feet always step on the brake pedal, the body will move up and down, which will cause the driver to step on the brake pedal carelessly. Generally, it is necessary to control the engine condition and gear shift by controlling the throttle deceleration. This not only avoids the overheating of the braking system caused by frequent braking, but also brings convenience to the speed-up of the loader.

Small loader


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