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What if the hydraulic oil of small loader has a short service cycle?

2021-09-06 02:48:07

The first point: it is specified that the oil is not replaced in time. In fact, the required replacement cycle of small loader is 2000h, and our actual replacement cycle is 3000h. The hydraulic oil is not replaced on time according to the manufacturer's requirements.

Second point: small loaders carry out continuous loading and unloading operations in a high dust environment for a long time, resulting in accelerated pollution of hydraulic oil and rise of oil temperature, resulting in short service cycle of hydraulic oil.

The third point: where the small loader we use is damaged, we will go to some maintenance places, and some places are not in line with the maintenance places at all. Therefore, it is inevitable that other dust will easily mix into the hydraulic oil, resulting in hydraulic oil pollution, plugging and wear of hydraulic components and degradation of hydraulic system performance

Small loader

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